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Catventure 2: The One Brick

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New Cat adventures. The honor fell on Cat, the hero should destroy the One Brick. Cat will go through 60 caves and will drop the Brick down to the volcano crater.

Download the latest version 0.9 (2013-07-30) (5 234 Kb)
Download the latest portable version 0.9 (2013-07-30) (6 122 Kb)

Hot keys
How to use replays

Hot keys

Main Menu

  • ESC - Close program
  • Enter or Space - Start from the last played level
  • F1 - Start demo play
  • F5 - Level selection menu

Play mode

  • ESC - Exit to main menu
  • Arrow keys - move the hero
  • M - Use the magnet
  • B - Blast the bomb
  • Space - Destroy the glass brick
  • R - Restart the level
  • I - Show/Hide level statistics
  • F1 - Start replay and show the current level solution if it is available

Demo mode (and in demontstrating the level solution mode)

  • ESC - Stop replay and restart the current level (or go to main menu if it is demo mode)

How to use replays

  1. Download a level solution
  2. Create folder 'replays' in the game folder if it does not exist
  3. Copy downloaded solution (zip file) into 'replays' folder
  4. Start the level and press F1
  5. If all above is done correctly and replay is not damaged the demo will start

You can install any new replay without restarting the game. Just minimize the game window, download the solution, copy to replays folder and press F1.


At first I would like to to express my thanks to Alexander Momot( for help and hosting.

Special thanks to "KVL" and "E.S.A. Productions" for great games "Boovie" and "Boovie 2".

Helpful tools used to create "Catventure 2":


Please, send your question and suggestions to

Hints (Replays)

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